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We Believe in Team!

Ministry isn't just about what you do, but who you get to do it with! Here at Zealhouse, we get to do ministry with some of the best people on the planet.

Our process is simple: Interest, Shadow, Commit.
Check out the team descriptions below and when you're ready, fill out the "Join The Team" application here!


Big smiles and high fives! The welcome team adds life to our culture and helps everyone feel comfortable.

Guest Experience

Hospitality at its finest. Guest experience provides hospitality to our guests and helps them navigate a new environment.


Creating connections! Our sections team builds weekly relationships with the people who sit in their section.


Love Jesus and like kids? Our kids team does an incredible job of creating a safe, fun, Jesus-focused kids ministry!


Dress code: All black! These tech savvy people do everything from lights, sound, cameras, switching, and much more.

Load In / Load Out (LILO)

The champions of our church! They start at 7am setting everything up. They work hard and love to put things together!


Have the voice of an angel? Play the harp like David? You know what to do.

Marriage Mentorship

We believe in marriage! Mentor couples are trained and teamed up with another couple to walk through a six week curriculum to enrich their marriage!

Group Leaders

Facilitating relationships and encouraging people is the heartbeat of group leaders. A passion of yours? Dive in!

Online Experience

Do you have a heart for connecting with people online? Are you efficient in emoji? Show us your skills.


If you believe in the power of prayer and have a heart to pray for others our prayer team can always use more intercessors!

Local Missions

These people are hope dealers in the community. From giving away free groceries to going on relief mission trips, this team thrives in loving local!

We're ready for you to join the team!