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We exist to see people become passionate followers of Jesus!

From our first Sunday until now the most common word used to describe our church has been “passionate.” The heartbeat of our church is to be a place so filled with passion and zeal for Jesus that people are transformed because of it.

In 2023 we rebranded our church to a new identity. Check out why below!

Hear the story behind the name change!

Wait... What?

Why the name change?

When we first planted in Huntsville over 5 years ago we had no idea what God would do. A church, in a prison town, and meeting on a college campus sounds wild! And it has been. We’ve seen Jesus transform the lives of college students, families, kids, and inmates. During that time we’ve also evolved into a unique identity characterized by creativity and passion.

God began speaking to our pastor about a vision to multiply our church into other college cities to see the same passionate transformation.

As our new identity evolved and our vision to multiply emerged it became clear God was moving us into a new season with a new identity.

The rest is history!

Did something happen with The Ark Church in Conroe?

No, nothing. We still love them and they still love us. We submitted this vision to Pastor Alan in 2022 and he was on board.

There is no scandal, no problems, and no discord. Think of it like your kids growing up, meeting someone, getting married, and changing their last name to match the new union for their life.

We’ve grown up, received a new vision from God, married it, and now we’re changing our name.

Was it hard telling Alan?

Honestly, that was the easiest part. I (Luke) had been wrestling with this vision for a while until God clearly prompted me to move forward. My prayer was, “Lord if this is you, tell Alan for me.”

Alan and I sat down for lunch and I began to share the new vision. Right before I brought up a new identity he said, “Wait.” Grabbing his prayer journal, he turned into view and showed me a page that read, “Luke, name change?” I just smiled. Only the Holy Spirit. He said it made complete sense for the new vision and gave us the blessing to move forward.

What is changing?

If you’ve been worshiping with us for any amount of time you won’t notice much of a difference at all. Except, of course, for a fresh new look! In addition, we’ll be rolling out a new discipleship pathway and leadership pipeline to guide the ministry we do.

If you’re new, you can expect a place with a vision to see people become passionate followers of Jesus! In our worship, kids, preaching, and community our longing has always been to be “consumed with zeal for the Father’s house.” We’re unapologetically passionate about the things of God!

Lastly, since the inception of our church, we’ve had a separate bank account, board, and bylaws. Legally and structurally, we’re only changing our name.

What does the future look like?

We believe God is preparing us to become an Acts 13 Antioch church. One that raises up the next generation and sends them out to transform culture. We’re going to grow, multiply, and pursue the mission Jesus has given us: To see people become passionate followers of Jesus.

Where does the name come from?

In John 2 Jesus walks into the temple and is immediately confronted with a disturbing reality: God’s people have lost reverence for His house.

As He begins to run out money-changers and thieves, His disciples remembered a prophecy about Him, “Zeal for your Father’s house will consume me.”

That’s us. A passionate place with a burning zeal for the things of God. A place fully consumed with seeing people become passionate followers of Jesus!

Why do I still see Ark Huntsville stuff?

Because this process takes time! Over the course of 5 years we’ve created thousands of links, posts, and pages. As we begin the process of assuming our new identity those lingering items will be fixed, changed, or reprinted.

Think of it like when you first got married. It probably took you a year to get your name changed on everything, from social media, your license, work badge, email, etc.

That’s where we’re at! And… we’re not afraid of ashamed of where we’ve come from. Our season as Ark Huntsville was great, and ended well, so we’re in no hurry to “scrub” everything.