When I am immersed in your Word, I remember how small my trials really are. As Paul fights through mobs who seek his life and counters arguments for his arrest, I have nothing in my life to compare it to. You show me through your scripture just how worthy your gospel is! 

Like a child, I  complain when my daily life is “inconvenienced” by the requirements of your holiness. I find myself pitying my poor behavior when my comfortable expectations go unmet. How ridiculous do I sound in light of your gospel? How simple am I to think my needs are greater than your redemption story? 

Teach me to mature in my perspective and grant me grace when I am nearsighted. Show me your heart for people and reveal to me the greatest needs of your Kingdom! Then I will know where to go and how to serve more than my own needs. May my actions and my heart reflect your own. 

In Jesus’ name,