You are so powerful! As I read through the book of Acts, I clearly see this. You opened the eyes of the blind, you silenced demonic forces, you caused the lame to walk, and the sick to be healed. Jesus did these things as well, but it is different to read about fellow followers of Jesus performing these acts. They do not possess these powers in and of themselves. They are being led by the Holy Spirit and filled with His power. They are people who put their trust in you and saw miraculous things accompany the preaching of the gospel. Not that these displays of power are anything in and of themselves, but they were brought about so that people could believe in Jesus! We believe that you still desire to move in this way today. We do not simply ask for power, but for people to come to a knowledge of the truth. We know that there are demonic forces at work that seek to suppress this knowledge. We pray to you and ask that these forces be pushed back and the kingdom be ushered in in a mighty way in our church and in our city. We pray not only for signs and wonders but for purified hearts and wholehearted devotion to the pursuit of your presence. We want you to be glorified far above our own pursuits or selfish agendas. We want to see people radically transformed through the preaching of the gospel. We love you and believe that we can see these miraculous things take place in our midst. Come and pour out your Spirit in a fresh way among us Father. Amen.