When I read scripture and see the cyclical nature of sin and repentance, I imagine it will never end. I imagine the same act of straying and returning continuing in the church for an eternity. But I forget, You are returning. How will we present ourselves when You find us waiting? When You return for your bride, will we be pure and beautiful?

Father, let us not lose the urgency of repentance in our comfort. Instead of wandering into sin or seeking after our own kingdom, let us seek to honor you with our own hearts and the heart of Your Church. 

You say in Joel 2:32,  “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

As we live in expectation of Your return, show us how to seek after you with faithfulness among so many enemies and distractions. Help us live up to the honor of being your Church! 

In Jesus’ name,