Dear God, 

Job seems so confident in his righteousness. How is it that he finds such strength in his character and integrity? Even as his “close” friends speak out against him, he does not let these voices shake him to the right or the left. He remains adamant in his unjust pain. Claims that if only he could find you, God, you would count him as righteous. Give me the conviction to speak boldly regarding my stance with you. Not because of my strength or righteousness, but because of the spiritual blessing I have received due to your Son. I am justified because Jesus Christ justified me. I am clean and white and snow and I can seek you and step into your presence boldly! I am forgiven and I am righteous. I will not listen to the lies of the enemy as he tries to shake me down. I will stand my ground. I affirm my identity as a child of the Lord. I will fear no evil for you are with me always.

In Jesus’ name,