Dear God, 

Don’t let me fall into deep desperation like Job. Hold me tightly and keep your hand over me. Do not let this hole sink me to the point of helplessness. In this hole there is no hope, there is no vision, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The despair has taken over. I pray that you would show me the light. Show me how your hand has been there all along. Sit with me in my despair. As I search, it becomes more evident to me. I’m looking for a way out that only you can provide. Extend your hand to me as I drown in the waters I once walked on. Lift me up. I don’t wish to die here surrounded by darkness. You are my hope! You are my light. You’ve stepped into my darkness and lit up my inner being. You’re slowly creating a new hope for the future. I trust you and your ways. I surrender to you and let you guide my steps as I walk out of my desperation and wilderness. 

Thank you, Jesus!