I’ve always loved reading about Solomon’s wisdom and how you met with him at the beginning of his reign. You were genuinely pleased that Solomon asked for wisdom above all else. In the New Testament, You tell us to ask You for wisdom and You will provide it. Lord, I confess I need your wisdom. Too often I try to make decisions and plan my days based on my own wisdom. Please help me turn to you and seek your counsel before I make any decisions.

As I read about how Solomon built your temple, I was awestruck when I read the descriptions. Just about everything was covered in gold or another precious metal! Your temple must have been beautiful. Then you reminded me that Jesus, when you came to this earth, you deserved to be born in the temple, and yet instead, you were born in a stable and placed in a manger. Lord, I am struck anew with the humility of how you came.  You traded in the glory of heaven and the beauty of the Old Testament temple for the ordinary. Please help me to follow your example of humility and sacrifice. Please change my heart to be more like yours. Amen.