Your sovereignty is evident in these chapters. You thwarted the advice of Absalom’s advisor so Absalom wouldn’t follow it. You protected the messengers so they could get the message to David about where he should go.You provided nourishment for Davd’s people as they traveled. You brought David safely back to Jerusalem to resume his reign. Even amidst great difficulties, You still were sovereign over David’s life.

In 2 Samuel 19, David’s mourning was so intense that he was alienating those who fought with him. Joab confronted David, although perhaps too harshly, and there was wisdom in his rebuke. Lord, please let me receive wise counsel even when I am in a hard place. On the other hand, please let me be willing to give a loving rather than harsh rebuke to those in my life when You direct me too.

Lord, I praise you for your sovereignty. You alone can orchestrate and plan all the details, the timing of circumstances and the rebukes of friends to accomplish Your will. I praise you for being so powerful yet, at the same time, loving and patient with us. Amen.