These chapters feel like they are from a movie! What a crazy account of Jehu exacting punishment on your behalf.  When I don’t understand the account or your actions, please help me to trust your character and remember that the Bible says You are infinitely higher in thought and ways than I am. Please help me to dig deeper when I am confused by something in Scripture and learn from you. 

The Old Testament had different ways of dealing with things, but the principles of truth do not age. The truth that stands out to me is your standard of holiness. You were no longer going to tolerate Jezebel’s wickedness and persecution of those who served You. Lord, please help me to strike sin out of my life with the passion and obedience that Jehu had. I am sorry for all the times that I haven’t taken my sin seriously enough. I overlook how much sin is an affront to you.  Please forgive me. You are perfectly holy and yet you still loved me enough to take my sin and die for me. Thank you Lord. Please help me to strive for holiness in all of my thoughts and actions.  I love you. Amen.