Reading through this list of kings and how each king reigned 29 years or 52 years or 41 years, reminds me that you are eternal. You have always reigned supreme; kings, presidents, and nations have all come and gone before you. Please forgive me for all the times I have placed my trust in a leader, or politician instead of you. Please help me to remember that You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! There is no one on this earth or in a position of power that can usurp your plan! What a mighty God you truly are!

Lord, you have so much patience and grace. You watched leader after leader and generation after generation ignore your commands in the Old Testament. I feel like our current world is similar.  Please help us turn to you and obey You. Please help me to destroy the “high places” in my own life- the sins that I ignore or don’t take seriously. Please help us learn from the past and be committed to You and Your ways. Please help us pursue righteousness, love justice, walk humbly with You. We love you. Amen.