As I read of King David “resting with his ancestors,” I remember how fleeting my time is on earth. Even the heroes whose epic stories are recorded in Your word to be read over and over again, life ends. They breathe a final breath and find themselves in the same position as every other man. No matter how many wars they’ve won, challenges they’ve overcome, or sins they’ve fallen prey to, no man’s time on earth is permanent. 

This brings me to two conclusions; I am unworthy but nevertheless grateful to be a part of Your grand story, and I am not nearly as important as I may think some days. I am reminded of just how precious Your love is for me and how incredible Your sacrifice is. You don’t need me but You gave everything because you want me to be Your child! You don’t see my life as insignificant but as a tool for the saving of many. Lord, help me to see it that way too. May my purpose be to serve the overarching story of Your Kingdom and not the Kingdom I may seek to build for myself. 

In Jesus’ name,