You fight for me! When my enemies pursue me, You find a way to show me victory. You are my champion and my Savior, capable of changing the tide at any moment. You work great things in my life and those around me can see that You are Lord over all. 

Father, when my circumstances look unfavorable and I’m fighting for my peace, remind me how powerful You are in the waiting and continue to build my faith. When my requests are unmet, build my faith, when Your miracles abound, remind me to thank the one who pours them over me. I will follow You wherever You lead, despite my fear or disbelief. You are the God of splitting seas, showing me a means of escape, and making a way in the wilderness. Surely I can trust You in the very moments of my day. I’ll trust You in all things and I believe You will show me the path. Help my faith to follow. 

In Jesus’ name,