Dear Lord,

We know that your actions are above us and that your will for our lives and circumstances surrounding us are ultimately good. Though we may face difficulties in this life, we know and are reassured that your justice is perfect. We understand that the wages of sin is death and that much of what we experience on this earth is due to our sin. 

We come to you asking today for strength and perseverance to live lives that honor you. We want to put you first in all we say and do so that your name will be glorified. You will always be for those who follow you with their whole heart, so we commit ourselves to you today and every day from here on out. We love you and are confident that your will will be done and it will be good in the end. Give our hearts peace in times of trouble so that we can remain committed to your purpose. Thank you for the gift of eternal life through Jesus. May we live each day with steadfast commitment to bringing others to know the gospel. We love you. 

In Jesus name,