These chapters tell us the people stood attentively for hours listening to Scripture being read. When is the last time that I have hungered for Your Word like that? Then at the end of chapter 8, it states that they read from the Law, day after day, celebrating the festival and that “their joy was very great”. Not only did they listen for hours every day to your Word, they were overflowing with joy while doing so. Lord, please let it be so in my life. Please grow my desire and dedication for studying Your Word. 

In chapters 9-10, the Israelites’ prayer and response recognizes your faithfulness to Israel throughout their history. Lord, you have been faithful in my life as well. You have been faithful financially. You have been faithful with friendships. You have been faithful on my weakest days. You have been faithful with medical struggles. You have been faithful with my family. You have been faithful in the face of impossible circumstances. I praise You and thank you for your faithfulness. Amen.