As I read these chapters, my heart feels the heaviness of David.  There’s so much loss in these chapters. He allowed his son to come home, and after two years, David offered reconciliation. However, David then finds out that Absalom has been manipulating the people and making plans to overtake the throne. David has to flee for his life. As he flees, the Bible shares his encounters with some who show David loyalty and some who betray David and side with Absalom. Yet through it all, David’s heart remained humble before You. 

These chapters remind me that Your Word includes the reality of humanity, loss and betrayal.  Thank you for not being scared away by difficult family dynamics.  Thank you for having a long-term plan even when things in the short-term feel like they are falling apart. I’m so thankful I can turn to you when relationships are difficult, circumstances are messy, or tragedies happen and know that You will never leave me. Thank you for sticking with me just like you did David. When trials come, please help me to trust You. Amen