Humbleness isn’t easily found, particularly with the successful and wealthy. Solomon was both and yet he had a profound recognition of Your power and His weakness. He’s an example of the way You do things differently than I’d expect. Manmade Kings live for their own glory, they treat themselves like God and refuse to bow to anything else. Your Kingdom works counter to our fleshly desires. You seek the humble and anoint the weak in so many cases. When we blindly bow to the strongest and the loudest, You build up the voices of those who commit themselves to Your ways.

Lord, I pray for wisdom as Solomon did. But even more, I pray that wisdom would remain a primary request. Your ways are beyond my understanding, why would I not seek Your wisdom? Without it, I am lost. Without You, I am governed by myself and subject to every fleshly whim. Lord, show me Your thoughts and teach me to love like You do. 

In Jesus’ name,