Dear God, 

I pray we do not lose our blessings because of our greed and impurity. Instead, give us the heart to be righteous and to continuously change our old selves to our new redefined selves in you. Reuben lost his rights as firstborn because of his ignorance. Esau sold it for a bowl of soup. Help us not delay our blessings because of our stubbornness. I will follow the Lord and acknowledge him in all of my ways. I will always put you first and will seek you above anything else. Let us turn our hearts from sin, whose pay is death, and towards you, whose spiritual blessing is life and all the inheritance we received through your son. Let our hearts rejoice in that truth. Let us taste and see that you are good and that we can delight in you and your presence. Guide us to the holy place of intimacy with you. That is our greatest blessing: our relationship with you. Don’t let my choices drive me further away from you as you come closer.

In Jesus’ name,