Dear God, 

I want to come into your presence today. I can hear you calling me up to a deeper and more genuine communion with you. Let me enjoy the sweetness of your presence. I want to taste and see the depths of our relationship. I know your doors are open to me and that you walk with me every step of the way. You told Moses to come up, and now in the same way you are telling me to come up. In your presence is where you speak. Let my ears be attuned to the frequency of your voice. I want the posture of my heart to be like the one the Israelites had saying everything the Lord has said I will do. Give me the discipline to be obedient. Give me the strength and initiative to follow your commands and voice. Speak to me in this quiet place. Direct my thoughts and my emotions. Make them clear and in alignment with your voice. I want to obey with all of my being. I want to draw closer and nearer to you. This time, right here and now, is all for you. Speak to me and I will obey. I will write down your words and guard them in my heart. 

In Jesus’s name,