Your mercy shows up everywhere in scripture and I am continually pointed back to the blood of Christ. Even in Egypt, You were showing us how Your grace covers the most desperate situations. If the blood of a Lamb can cover the death of a firstborn, then surely the blood of Your only son can cover my multitude of sins. I may deserve death, but I know a savior who took my place. 

You don’t just leave us in our slavery, You bring freedom by means of the greatest sacrifice of all, Jesus. Would You continue to remind me even when the day is smooth, I need the blood of Christ to escape the judgment for what I deserve. Remind me in my discontent to be thankful and reverent toward the power You hold. It’s only by Your grace that I find myself existing in freedom, with the power of the Spirit dwelling in me. Thank You Lord for the blood that covers me and calls me clean. Thank You for Your son.

In Jesus’ name